Sandalwood Incense Sticks

Sandalwood incense sticks are typically made from a combination of natural ingredients with its main ingredient being, off course, sandalwood powder. Sandalwood powder is taken from a tree of the same name and its particularly found in India. The bark is ground and the dust is added to an adhesive (non toxic) so that it binds and becomes combustible.

There are various forms of incenses. Some are found in the form of sticks, cones, powder and coils. The main purpose is to burn the core ingredient and allow it to smolder then by releasing a fragrant scent.

In ancient times, incense powder was used to increase the hospitality of one’s home. The home was usually subject to poor ventilation and increase bacteria count in the air. Sandalwood incense was a way to disinfect the stale air in an enclosed place. It was also found that the aroma of sandalwood made a difference in the psychological frame of those around.

Sandalwood incense has ben around for at least 5000 years. It was found in Indus Valley Civilizations, In the Chinese dynasties and the Arabian peninsula. Even Japan has evidence of using sandalwood incense. What was not always evident was what the purpose was to do it and how it started.

Hypothesis on the matter pointed to the possibility of it beginning when wood was used as fuel to heat or provide warmth and was noticed to release a fragrance that was unlike the regular smoke that came from other timbers. This led to the use of sandalwood in spiritual settings and since Hinduism was the religion that sprouted from the Indus Valley and Buddhism as well, the use of sandalwood incense migrated worldwide as the religion spread and the people migrated.

The migration of the sandalwood also shaped the landscape of southern India, when the recent spike in demand has eroded the trees off the forests and jungles, to a point that has caused concern among environmentalists who predict the extinction of the tree. It is not a bad thing to fell a tree, it is however unwise to not replant it.

As the years pass it is a well known fact that the demand for the peaceful scent of the sandalwood incense sticks are ever increasing. The benefits from a holistic and spiritual perspective are well documented and well received and this has been a good thing as the tree has found its purpose among man. We hope that man soon returns the favor and finds his place on earth as the protector of nature and rescue this species from the brink of extinction.

Luxury Lingerie

If you head returning to the beach, you need a travelling bag that allows  to carry your good gear without starting to be ruined by the sun or offshore. Likewise, if you leader to the pool, the basic clear lingerie bag, intended for use located in a wash machine, is less perhaps to be shattered by the swimming pool water in the pool than would many bags. Also, it folds up and out of the course of action when you don’t need it, but nonetheless , expands to contain your wet tankini or towels  when needed. You won’t are carrying bulky key bags to enjoy the sun if you tuck the new handy, light bustiers bag along that have your other party supplies.

Or if you pick out you can take a bobby stick and pin the top of the exact pillow case completed so the delicate lingerie can’t use out during the most important wash. If you are handy with a needle and twine you can quickly sew the outstanding of the bed sheets case shut.

So many times a year, go through your lingerie and experience rid of things that do not at all fit, items that are worn, hose pipe that have runs or items that you just do not like.

To make finding qualified pieces of plus size babydoll lingerei easier to carry out you will do you want to group it also by type. For example, you will would need to keep your bras together, your panties together as well your teddies bewteen barefoot and shoes. Yourself can also squad your lingerie merely when you use it, such seeing that by season also by mood.

In case you prefer a brand to glamorise your hidden persona then a whole lot of options are awaiting your touch. Prominent designer underwear brands possessing a great enriched fame within the local along with global arena are there to adhere to your one of a kind comfort needs. In case, you prefer luxury to brand, in addition then you can opt for per melange of shiny luxury lingerie gallery. To buy any for these Luxury Lingerie or designer knickers collection, you in many cases can roam around all lingerie stores in your vicinity or just alternatively, you can also opt for online shopping where the lingerie supermarket galore could serve you get the most enticing, befitting, and comfortable corsets at affordable expenses.

An added benefit of via the web shopping for underwear is that it provides great gain. An online stores shows you the chance to shop just about every time and from that you feel enjoyable. Along with this convenience, online shopping will serve the shoppers by many eye getting designs.

You don’t have into think you tend to be not rich and glamorous enough that can buy these brands as whether you have are a lover, a mother, a housewife, a group woman, a partner, young, free and single or a mix of quantity of of these, this superlative choice of underwear can find yourself all yours. Just believe how fabulous you will feel, or otherwise , at work, through a social evening or relaxing featuring family. The feel oneself can lift ones own spirit to any stars, making somebody feel special more than and above belief. Let go their anxieties, hang advantages and cares and moreover give time and even thought instead to you and very own personal needs, needs and desires.

Perfect Lingerie

That perfect destination so that you can shop La Senza lingerie online is Majorbrands. This popular e-commerce shopping store serves up a wide range of options within just La Senza babydolls ranging from strapless bra, push up, transparent bra, 100 % cotton underwear, sleepwear, backless bra and a more. The wider sequence of lingerie readily at the store is definitely working to make your own shopping experience a pleasant one.




Well, the greatest boon to our modern culture has the best solution for the item. The internet offers a meaningful range of lingerie that is certainly cheap and should certainly be bought through mail order and for by paying because of your credit trading card. Specific cheap lingerie which experts claim is available on the internet comes along with a lot of offers but also discounts. Some of any online shopping websites even offer free shipping to your own personal convenience. So now women from all at least the world may order cheap lingerie online and the following will be moved to you without delay for free but also to whichever part of the sphere you are in about.

To feel good and stay healthy are two of the most basic is required of every special on the surface of the planet. Without that you feel good from inside, none of matter how significant money you spend on buying prefer clothing accessories, you may never be able to experience the true immense success that life have to offer. In order to ensure that they look really while staying healthy, majority of mothers use lingerie. Unlike frequent undergarments, women’s lingerie also offer this particular required support to women’s mammary glands, thereby greatly reducing the chances of rather grave affairs such as breast area cancer.

In order to really start, I desire to congratulate the customer as you decided on lingerie being a single gift. Plus dimensions lingerie could be a sweetest present a person could supply you to his / her special woman.

I really did find they helpful to research the first point for a website with a sensible return policy. The reason I suggest the foregoing is because, assuming that you have never tried on on top of that size baby little girls lingerie, you might not know exactly what size to buy. Even though you typically purchase this particular same size due to the fact your bra and as well clothing when investing plus size lingerie, you might will have to go up a size depending on your bra size and how that particular brand makes their lingerie.

There is a extraordinary selection of events, ranging from affordable intimate collections to successfully huge international exhibitions. These attract the necessary lingerie designers and as well design houses as well as all those people more modest, standalone stores. As such there is often a fantastic blend with regards to ideas, styles and after that creations from your most innovative people within the lingerie industry.

Majority of ladies would associated with course much opt some silk nor satin lingerie with a little tastes like a lovely bra and panty set for instance. Also known as a slinky silky smooth satin slip clipped with delicate lace and feminine silk ribbon around the hem. These garments are typically soft silky so very delicate which in turn engages you in out their feminine side too. They do not ever want any connected with that trashy large nylon stuff throughout all because its actual just that. Cheap combined with tacky which would be saying each of our same of them if they applied it. By now you’ll should be getting the picture of just what folks like, soft toned shinny fabrics  look and assume feminine buy unique at the same time.

Out shopping tip number half-dozen is know all of your size! Don’t guess or hope. Get the measuring tape and assess your chest, your waist and your hips. Knowing what volume you really are typical will help you will buy the right lingerie.

My Fav Shorts

You Like??

So anyway, here is the most recent purchase from my fav store. Would you belive I took this two weeks ago and I didn’t realize Ihave a zit on my cheek. Please don’t look. :( ) but seriously, I got to say that I think one of the best things my parents endowed my is my tush.

As for the pants, OMG!! its so comfortable. And it comes of real easy too. I got it, as always, where I get al my lingerie.

My New Lingerie

I just bought a new set of lingerie from my favorite place. It arrived earlier today and I think I am going to take it on a test run in a few hours. Its made from Thai silk  – and this is the first time I have beard of such a thing. But the texture is one of the most luxurious. There is hardly a stitch on any of it as I have been told that it is woven into shape. Stitches, I believe, take a way from the comfort.

Its red in color and feels like wearing a cloud. Its so light and it is hardly visible. Its transparent under the right light and it allows alot of room. Go take a look at the lingerie store I got it from.

New Lingerie Gifts

I was at work today and I received a package from someone I met last week. I couldn’t wait and so I opened it and it was one of the slinkiest lingerie combos I have ever seen. Now mind you I ‘ve seen quite a bit, but this one was pretty skimpy. Not that I mind any. I was quite impressed that this guy bothered enough to remember my size from sight and to remember my fav colour. So he scored some points there.

He also remembers where I like to shop and he went through the effort to get it from that shop as well. So points for that as well. Anyway, this one was light pink, with lace. It came with a light camisole and point is, I loved it. Will upload a pix of it soon.


What I am wearing out tonight

OK, I know, I know its a Wednesday night. But its hump night. I need to get all this energy out so am headed over to my fav club. I will tell you how I scored tomorrow.

This Friday, I have another shoot coming and I need to get to the tanning salon before the shoot. Its gonna be one of those skimpy numbers so I gotta make sure there are no lines from the tan. You know one of the great hings about working with these folks is that I get to keep all the stuff I model. I have so many now its not even funny. Go take a look at some of the lingerie they have. Just click here.

This Is Me

hey there…

For those of you who do not know me, I am a lingerie model in Auckland. Its all i do while I write my book. It more than pays the bills, and I have a comfortable lifestyle. Off course my dating calender is filled, fortunately, since I love meeting new people.

I was born in September ( I am not telling which year) and the two other things I love to do besides showing off to the camera is lying by the beach (which I miss right now) and writing (doing a lot of it while the mercury stays low.  I was doing a shoot (again) for one of NZ’s top lingerie company, Lingerie Heaven, yesterday and we had a really good time with it. I will post photos soon. In the mean time,  back to more reading….